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How to Repair Damaged Hair Without Cutting It

How to Repair Damaged Hair Without Cutting It

Hair is easy to damage. In fact, it is far too easy to damage. You can work hard to protect it, but it still ends up looking a little bit bland from time to time. For example, you may suffer from split ends. Now, most people out there will give their hair a quick trim. This is a quick way to deal with damaged hair, however, in most cases you are not going to need to cut your hair. The following tips should help you out.

Shampoo and Conditioner

Most people damage their hair by cleaning it too much. If you are applying shampoo to your hair more than twice a week, you are doing it wrong. Studies have shown, repeatedly, that frequent shampoo will result in the hair becoming brittle. So do not do it too often. When you do clean your hair, then make sure you use something mild. Strong products are packed with chemicals. They will quickly damage your hair if you are not careful.

When you condition your hair, always focus on the middle of the hair strands. This is the area which is most prone to damage. Make sure you condition in cold water as it will lock all that goodness inside!

If you can get hold of it, then try to purchase a leave-in conditioner with hydrating properties. This will ensure that your hair is prevented from becoming dry, one of the leading causes of damaged hair.


Yes. This tip is going to involve you putting mayonnaise in your hair. Don’t worry, it is incredibly effective. This is because the egg yolks used to make the mayonnaise are high in amino acids. The one you need to be most concerned about is L-cysteine. This amino acid boosts hair growth and repair. This is how you make the mixture:

  1. Beat two egg yolks together
  2. Combine the egg yolks with ½ cup of mayonnaise. Opt for a good quality mayonnaise, they have less preservatives which could mess up your hair.

Using your fingers gently apply the mixture to your hair. It is important that your hair is damp and freshly cleaned. You should be working your way up from the roots to the tips. If there are any areas of your hair which are dry or damaged, you should spend a lot of time on those.

Put a plastic cap on. You will want to leave the mixture in your hair for half an hour. You can then wash it out. Condition your hair with a good leave-in conditioner and your hair should look fabulous.

You should be repeating this treatment at least once a week for a few months. Within a couple of weeks, you should start to see a huge improvement in the health of your hair. In fact, it is going to look far better than it has done in years! Who would have thought that a bit of egg could be so effective?

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