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More than half the year is already over! Can you believe it? Unfortunately time really does fly by and before we know it, it'll be Christmas again. How depressing. Maybe a more depressing thought would be to take this opportunity to take stock of how your year has been to date. Do you remember where you kept your list of new year resolutions? Well now is the time to dig out the list before the end of the year and take note of your successes and any areas you could improve on.

I believe we start anew everyday. All our transgressions from the day before are erased and we are free to start afresh every single day. That's just the way I like to look at life. It is my way of learning to let things, that normally bother me when they shouldn't, go. So in this way, we can begin to address the things we'd like to change about ourselves anew each day. There really is no need to wait until the first of January next year.

In my my case I have found myself lacking in all the promises I made to look after my hair. Now don't get me wrong, like most people, I started with the best of intentions. I planned a hair care regimen for myself and started following it to the letter. My hair looked great and was much easier to manage, so what did I do? I simply slacked off.

Yes it's shameful and disgraceful, but the only person that has really suffered here is myself. So now that I've taken stock, I'm going to get back on my horse and ride into the sunset :)

Do not wait for a particular date or time if you'd like to turn over a new leaf. Do it now!

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